The Boehne Bros. x Kasil

Inspiration can be found in all aspects of life, you just have to grab a hold when it comes.  For Spring/Summer 2013, inspiration came through observing certain craftsman from an entirely different trade and finding out that although the outcome yields two contrary products the processes to get there reflect some undeniable similarities.  From selection of raw materials and cutting out patterns, to applying the final finishes and appreciating the end result, they both offer a respectful nod to time-honored tradition.

Joining The Boehne Bros. of Infinity Surfboard Co., Kasil Workshop draws from California-cool beach culture and adds the vibrancy to our existing modern vintage aesthetic.  Both with an appreciation for craftsmanship and custom-made pieces, Kasil Workshop and The Boehne Bros. collaborated to come up with a collection that mirrors a refreshing way of life.

Clean and tailored cuts come in unique colors.  Each pair distinctively emulates a different facet of a carefree summer.  Details of slight ruggedness provoke nostalgia for story-telling through your jeans.  Here’s to living in the moment.


Your story is now.